met on 16 september

Davide, Ari, Lavinia, corso Ticinese, Milano

Davide plays the drums with the Mojomatics, he lives in Venice, but often comes to Milano because of my friend Arianna. Actually, they dated for a good while, before I discovered she was going out with somebody. Please, keep me updated because I'm always the last one hearing of any gossip.
Lavinia is an incredibly young songwriter coming from Udine and here you can listen to her first album, Magadasca by Lavinia!.

arianna is writing a thesis about
the pay what you want pricing system. 
A Japanese restaurant in piazza XXIV Maggio (Jap One) agreed to collaborate with her for two weeks from monday to friday and she told me that many people are going there for lunch. It is an unlimited buffet lunch and by now the average price paid has been 6.20€. 

all my friends

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