Silvia, via Paolo Sarpi, Milano

This beautiful sulky girl is Silvia, she comes from Bari, studied with me in Milano and then moved to Rome. It was at least one year we did not see each other and we casually met thanks to our friend Angelo.
I spent the afternoon with her, Angelo and Alice walking around via Paolo Sarpi, the little China town in Milano. I would have bought so much stuff - wigs, mainly: i've found a bordeaux one that would look so perfect on me! - but luckily I've found an ATM only before going home, so I bought only some edamame beans and some beetroot baozi

poor baozi(s?), ...
...yesterday it was the first time I tried to cook them. I read they should have been prepared using a double boiler or a microwave. I opted for the microwave (I was in a hurry) and made a big mistake: I didn't eat them immediately. When I tried to eat them, they turned into stones. Dinner ended with my flatmates and my boyfriend throwing baozi(s) against me. 

pink steam

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Anonymous said...

"cioè. ma hai fatto un post su di meeeee!"
suona come una cosa orrenda, lo so!
ma è la prima che mi è venuta in mente e volevo riportarla pari pari.
super felice di averti rivista.. in una situazione pazzesca aggiungerei..baci e cose