met on 12 september

This is Marco, iPogo at circolo Magnolia, Milano

We absolutely had to party together, and we did it. He is my Marco from Bergamo, the one who gets really angry everytime I call him Marcobergamo.
Sometimes I can't stand him at all beacuse of his exaggerate pose as a very understanding person: you can't try to understand everything around you! It's insane and it brings you only troubles! It happens, talking with him, that I stop speaking and ask myself: "oh, why am I fucking telling him all this about me?".
Anyway, he's very special to me. Think we became friends last year, once he brought me home (by Vespa) cause I couldn't even take a taxi, but I didn't want him looking at my face cause I felt ugly. Then we had greatful party nights together, greatful Greek holidays and greatful time even studying.

This is Davide, iPogo at circolo Magnolia, Milano

Thanks to him we took the right bus to Linate Airport and from there we walked together to Idroscalo. Our conversation had three many moments: 1. walking to Magnolia: long legs, tall girls and vaginal orgasms 2. dancing/drinking/taking photos: planning to eat pasta at my home the morning after 3. in the car to Magazzini: damn! I'm really trying to think about it but I only remember something about a Russian film.

This is Sara, iPogo at circolo Magnolia, Milano

I met her while I was dancing. We became friends for fifteen minutes, we also asked each other our Facebook contacts, but I obviously can't remember hers and don't think she's going to remember mine.

This is Alice, PinkIsPunk re-opening at Magazzini Generali, Milano

We arrived there very late, it rained so much and high heels had destroyed my feet. I was so happy to see her because we knew each other only one week ago at the library and it's very different from meeting at four thirty in the morning!

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