met on 13 september

This is Nico, Cascina Maggia, Brescia

He is the most beautiful and crazy brother I could ever have. Everything he does, he does it in its own way. He's almost two years younger than me I love him. But I'm often worried about him. Yesterday he was in the centre of the city with some friends, but he should come to me before going home. I clearly told him "if nobody brings you to me, I'm coming to you, do not come by feet, it's 5 km far from the centre and it's night". He arrived at 2 am, but how? By feet! He arrived with a broken beer bottle because of three romenian guys shouted against him "you walk like a queer, you dress like a queer".

This is Lisa, La Bicicletta, Brescia

She is organizing a birthday surprise party for her bestfriend's girlfriend. That girl (not Lisa) was born in 1989, so Lisa decided: to build up a polystyrene Berlin wall that the birthday girl should destroy; obviously the dj will play only 80's music.

This is Michi, Cascina Maggia, Brescia

"isaaaaa come here sitting with me! isaaaa" ..but I didn't know him! "Really? Don't you remember me? Are you faking? The one of Les Chansons d'Amour". Ok, I remembered. He added me as a friend on myspace because we attended the same high school, but once he had brown hair. He is a really pretty fucking funny person.


Louis Garrell photgraphed by Bruce Weber

Tous les gar├žons et les filles _ Fran├žoise Hardy

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