met on 23 september

This Sergio, webcam Boston-Milano

My lovely Serge! He's now studying at Boston College (maybe you can't see it in the pic but he's wearing the Boston College sweatshirt) and I'm not gonna see him till January. He's my sicilian lover and probably he's now breaking a lot of american hearts.
Be careful to not let yours being broken by some american girl!!

This Rocco, Rocco & Angelo's house, Milano

Ahahaah! The sweet little Rocco! While he was drinking his Cuba Libre before dinner, I decided to take him some photos. "Rocco, take the chair and do me sexy poses with it!" He started climbing over the chair, doing very awkward expressions.. "AHAHAAHAH! Rocco I took a video! I was not taking photos!"

This is Eleonora, Angelo & Rocco's house, Milano

Met her last summer at the library preparing the marketing exam, she's a fucking weird person. She makes me laugh so much because she's always happy, she speaks with roman accent and everytime I say something very stupid or nonsense she looks at me and says "you're a genius! I always thought that". Ahahahah!
We are now seriously committed in a fight against a friend of a friend of us that denigrates girls.

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