met on 1st september

This is Roby, our little but beautiful house, Milano

Our train left at 6.20 from Brescia, she obviously arrived at 6.19.59 at the station. She's my roommate, she's always late. Yesterday we arrived home: no hot water, no gas.
This morning we tried to turn on the gas and switch on the boiler. The boiler started losing water, a lot of water. It was 8.30 and I rang my superneighbour: "Please, help me!" but she (dressed in a very sporty pink pyjama was not able to make it work. We phoned the owner that called us a plumber. But I had to go to the library! I have four exams next week!
So I had a shower in my superneighbour's superJacuzzi. Great! I love my roommate but I also love my neighbour.

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