met on 2nd september

This is Paul, Central Station, Milano

Paul arrived in Milan at 3 pm.
It was very hot and humid, I was sweating.
He arrived smiling and wearing this vintage leather jacket.

This is (Matteo?), going home from Magnolia, Milano

After having asked to lots of people, they gave a ride to me and Paul.
We agreed that they would have left us at a bus stop in Lambrate.
BUT Matteo and I discovered we come from the same village, we grew up in the same village: Verolanuova.
That's why they gave us the lift till where I live and didn't left us 6 km far from home.


Verolanuova station, where every morning during one year I waited for the train to Brescia.
pic taken from Il Provinciale (flickr)

WARP - The Bloody Beetroots feat Steve Aoki

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