met on 3rd september

This is Vincenzo, Bar Bocconi, Milano

Paul and I met him on the bus at 3.30 in the afternoon.
We decided to spend the afternoon together.
Then we decided to go to Magnolia together.
Then we had breakfast at the airport together.
Finally we said us goodnight at 7 the morning after.

This is Zeno, Magnolia, Milano

Zeno, also called Aladin.
We showed him the way to go to Magnolia and he spent with us the whole night.
First thing Paul said to him: "Hey, why are you wearing a costume? This is not a masked party."
Zeno came from Verona with a sleeping bag, he said he had to sleep at a friend's but he didn't know where his friend lived.

This is Giulia, Magnolia, Milano

-> Giulia
+ her beautiful eyes
+ a fan
= I love this picture

These are Eleonora and Stella, Magnolia, Milano

They are between the most crazy girls I've ever known at my university.
Two times I saw the one on the left arriving in the morning to give an exam directly after party: high heels, pleated dress and melted make up .. but great notes. She's an idol.
For what concern Stella, I was totally mistrustful first time I knew her. But after having see how fucking drunk she was yesterday night, I can't be mistrustful about her anymore.



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