met on 4 september

These are Ludwig and Christian, Magnolia, Milano

Two german guys in Milan. They could not believe every club is closed till mid september, but it's true. Here best clubs do not have open air spaces, so they close during summer. I've never thought about that before, but it is really weird.
I hated their english full of german sounds and german grammatical constructions.

This is ?, Magnolia, Milano

He spent all friday night with us. It was his first night in Milan, he moved right yesterday.
He is kind a Marchino's friend or a Marchino's cousin or a Marchino's friend's cousin.
I don't know if he had fun, but I'm sure he didn't get bored. Maybe just a little bit HIGH.


Roberto Dell'Era, bassist for Afterhours

La Vedova Bianca - Afterhours

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