met on 5 september

These are Marchino and Sonia, Magnolia, Milano

I loved you! Saturday night has definitely been the best one.
Thanks God Marchino is still going to be my class mate.
Thanks God Sonia you are fucking spontaneous and not at all paranoid and I loved it.

This is ?, Magnolia, Milano

Quite a dickhead.

This is Sabine, Magnolia, Milano

I met her for the first time at Conchetta with Betty and Stella.
I don't remember too clearly what we told each other, but she is nice.
Later I met her dancing in an awning with very great music but that smelled of goats.
Nobody cared about that and we spent inside there very long time.


Aracataca, Colombia
where Gabriel Garcìa Marquez was born
and meet there the dramatically magic Eréndira from
La increíble y triste historia de la cándida Eréndira y de su abuela desalmada
, 1972
(La incredibile e triste storia della candida Eréndira e della sua nonna snaturata)

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