met on 20 june

These are Cami, Sergio and Nicole, at Cascina Cuccagna, Milano

Cami and Nicole are co-organizers (with Sonia and Giovanni) of Granaio, a fund-art event-project that raises money during a monthly brunch.
Sergio is the coordinator of Progetto Cuccagna that aims to save Cuccagna Farmhouse from abandonment and decay.
Cascina Cuccagna is only one among the more than 50 milanese farmhouses! In honour of them, the Comitato Cascine Milano 2015 promotes an open-farmhouse-day on the 26 of June, when everybody will have the possibility to visit them. Inauguration at Cascina Cuccagna the 25th at 18.30!

Betti, the amazing vegan cook!

[pics taken from Granaio's flickr]

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