met on 2nd june

These are Andrea, Jonathan, Lorenzo, Alis, Alice and Angelo, at my place, Milano

I have two exams to prepare for next week. It's fundamental to me being able to wake up in early morning in order to have an entire day for my books.
Unusual alarm-clock yesterday morning.. I woke up when Angelo entered my room asking for my lens fluid, while Alice was singing softly in her bedroom. Voices from the kitchen.. let's go down and meet.. all of them just came back home. I LOVED waking up and having breakfast with people drinking infusions before going sleeping (also if nobody of them went sleeping till yesterday evening)!

These are Giulia, Marta and Marta, at parco Ravizza, Milano
(pic by Clo)

After my breakfast with "after-guys" I went picnicking at the park.
Marta (the curly haired) finished her MBA in Scotland and now is writing her final thesis. She came visiting us (and, actually, her boyfriend) and organized this picnic on this sunny but windy day. Even Giulia and Marta break off from non-stop-study at the library (I think they'll have an exam today or tomorrow).

Laura Palmer
yes, I beat my childish fear and yesterday I began the Twin Peaks series.

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