met on 24 june

This is crazylove in Brescia

I received three phone-calls from my brother:
1st call (morning) - "I'm going to climb a crane in front of Chiara's (ndr his girlfriend) house and I'm going to hang up a sheet on which I've drawn a helicopter (ndr their "symbol")"
2nd call (evening) - "Hey I did it! It was so high! I also had to run away because of security guards!"
3rd call (the day after) - "Hey! Yesterday I climbed a crane in front of Chiara's house and I hanged up a sheet with a helicopter drawn on it!" "Yes, I know" "How?" "You've already told me about it" "Oh. Check your e-mail, I'm sending you the pictures."
If you click on the picture you can see the sheet, almost on the top of the crane.


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beth said...

idolo per la terza chiamata