met on 5 june

These are Quel Gigante Orso Trio, at Sound Metak, Milano

Quel Gigante Orso Trio: Davide, Andrea, Samuele. Three guys from Cecina (Tuscany) playing praiseworthy music.
I already knew them before yesterday, but it was my first live -> fell in love with their music.

These are Dino, Ste and Marchino, at Idroscalo Luna Park, Milano

MI AMI Festival = so many people
After being crushed in a reggae crowd (Africa Unite concert), we decided to go to the Luna Park: ALIENATING experience. It was 2.30 am and that place was full of people! The Mc Donald's was full of people. Everybody was happy, even the Mc Donald's waiters. Maybe on drugs, probably on drugs; I swear it, everybody was smiling/laughing/bursting with happiness.

The characters of Happiness by Todd Solodz

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