met on 12 april

The Riccobellis (without their drummer), at Lio Bar, Brescia

Their philosophy is: The Ramones.
They're the Riccobelli brothers and they have a band with another friend, Cecco.
Maybe on 20 May they'll sound at Ligera (via Padova 133, Milano) with Caroline & the Treats. It's not sure, but I'll let you know cause it's gonna be a fun night.

Jessica and Anna, at Lio Bar, Brescia

They study with Simone-Gufo-Riccobelli (the one on the left) and they have a classmate who's anxiously looking for a girlfriend, so anxiously that he's even trying to "court" a pregnant girl.

Alberto, at Lio Bar, Brescia

His voice is impressive. His tone of voice, I mean. He has the most deep, bass voice I've ever heard and when he talks to you it sounds like you talking with a radio speaker.

Alberto, at Lio Bar, Brescia

He started an internship at Banca Etica (you should really get informed about it) and he already received interesting offers for his future career. I'm so glad for you!

it would have been great watching
really, it's something like two weeks I watch NOTHING and I really need it.


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