met on 15 april

Young Balkan Designers, at Salone Satellite, Milano

Yesterday my friend Konstantinos set me a nice trap: he invited me to Salone del Mobile in Rho (he had an extra-pass) and then asked me to interview some young independent designers. After I said Yes, thinking "nobody I know is going to see it" I discovered those interviews are for the Bocconi web TV. So I had my first experience as a journalist!
I think I was able to do that only because I already knew Dimitris (the guy in the middle, with its Lighthouse Lamp), met one night at Konstantinos place, in a totally different context.
Go visit Mikser Festival webpage (and maybe then book a plane for Belgrade). It is thanks to Mikser that these young designers had the opportunity to participate in Salone del Mobile.

it has been GREAT meeting
I bought their wonderful Let efelanti walk out EP. The packaging is beautifully handmade.

the please promo

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