met on 23 april [pics taken from these people's facebook pages]

I took pictures of these people, but then I came back to Milano forgetting my camera at home. I can't wait till next week, so I'm gonna use pictures found on their facebook pages, even if they're not so up to date.

Maya and Simone

They're Dino's friends and ex-colleagues; they moved to Venice, but yesterday they were in Brescia so we had an aperitivo together.
They have two (by hearsay) fabolous children that I can't wait to meet!
The picture above is old, Maya doesn't have blue hair anymore; i would say the current color is "cherry".


Veronica is Gianni's girlfriend and she's one of the sweetest girl I've ever met.
In the picture above you can see her in the fabolous location where she took pictures for The Churchill Outfit EP - In Dark Times.
Besides being an amazing photographer, she also works as costume designer at Teatro alla Scala in Milano, but she also holds a fashion workshop at LABA in Brescia.

i love playing
source: flickr - pic by ildenny

prayer to god

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