met on 9 april

Andrea, Ivan and Yaessen, Polymia and Friederike, at La Vineria, Milano

[Please "Yaessen" forgive me for the horrible way I wrote your name, but I really had no idea about the right spelling. I asked both Ivan and Konstantinos but they didn't answer me.]
After a sunny afternoon at the park with my brother and Konstantinos, we went to La Vineria, really nice place just behind Porta Genova, where I met all of them.
Andrea - he studies with my brother at SAE institute and yesterday was a bit worried cause my brother had an hammer in his bag.
Ivan and Yaessen - I know Ivan since I used to meet him at the canteen: the sweet and fashionable kazakh guy always on Skype, but yesterday I met Yaessen who came visiting him for his birthday.
Polymia and Friederike - yesterday I talked Polymia about a party where I had already met her, then she told me that the party was her party, in her flat!

the american boy and the italian girl
they arrived straight in front of Ivan, telling him: "you look like Armand Van Helden, the Duck Sauce DJ" (for those, like me, who ignored the Duck Sauce existence: their song is the unbearable "Barbra Streisand woo woo woo woo woo woo woo")
and then: "oh, you're from Kazakhstan! amazing! she works in Kazakhstan, she exploits kazakh oil"
they probably wanted to make friends, but they did not choose the proper talking points.

advice for young mothers to be

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