met on 3rd april

Laura, at Piscina Caimi, Milano

My first impression about her was that of a snobbish / posh girl. How wrong I was!
She's absolutely nice, pleasant and she really puts you at ease.
We were at an exhibition at Piscina Caimi, a beautiful but abandoned huge swimming pool right in the center of Milano, now squatted. One of the most fascinating places I've ever been since I live here.

Chiara, on tram 9, Milano

I met her at the tram-stop in Porta Romana, just coming back from Piscina Caimi. I told her everything I could tell her about that amazing space and I hope I didn't bore her too much!
She is from Sarzana (Liguria), near where I spent my last summer holidays and where I casually met her at the "octopus festival".

it would have been great meeting
Georges Perec
After having heard talking about him so much, I finally started reading La Vie mode d'emploi (original title) and... I'm totally in the book, in all the stories held in it and linked with each other, in its amazing mechanisms (he was a mathematician)... wow, really.


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