met on 8 april

Marco1, Betta and Marco2, maybe viale Da Cermenate, Milano

Graduation party at Rocket - after having used the free drink kindly offered by our graduated friends, we (me, Dino and Ale) found ourselves in front of a big dilemma: to spend or not to spend 10€ for another drink? It was not an emergency situation, so we decided not to throw away that money.
We met Marco1 and I knew he could bring us in the place where we could finally find a 3€ beer. And I was right, but I had to admit it has been hard to find it (Rocket is kind of a monopolist around via Pezzotti).
Footnote: Marco's accent is the most Roman accent I've ever heard (I mean live. I swear his accent is really like THIS).

the Googler!
my best and greatest congratulations to Ale, who is now part of the Google Italia team.

giving it all away

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